Tara Heglund


Tara Heglund has always enjoyed teaching, learning, and working with others. This passion to help others sparked her desire to pursue a career as a nurse.

In 2004, Tara received her BSN from Binghamton University. When she completed her OB rotation in nursing school, Tara knew that was the specialty for which she was destined. For nine years, Tara worked as a staff nurse, then became a nurse educator for a high-risk ante-partum, post-partum, and newborn nursery floor in Vermont.

In 2012, Tara earned her MS with a concentration in nursing education through Indiana State University. That same year, she met a man who soon became her husband made the move to Pittsburgh.

As a nurse and educator, Tara enjoys helping new families by assisting them before and after delivery with breastfeeding education and support. During her transition from living in New England to moving to Pennsylvania, Tara decided it was the right time to become an IBCLC. Tara joined the Breastfeeding Center team in November 2014. In addition to her work with the BFC, Tara serves as an adjunct instructor for Indiana State University, teaching both undergraduate and graduate nursing courses.

Tara loves spending time with her husband, son, and Rio, their Labrador/Boxer mix. She also enjoys being outdoors, traveling, watching movies, and reading.

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