Coronavirus Updates

COVID-19 Vaccine & Breastfeeding

A close look at the data on both COVID-19 vaccines approved so far finds “the vaccine is extremely unlikely to pose any risk to a breastfeeding infant based on how it is made and how it works.

Breastfeeding mothers should discuss this with their health care providers, but the vaccine should not be withheld from breastfeeding mothers who are at risk and wish to get it.”

For more information, see HERE and HERE.


Everyone Needs Love. And a Mask.

We require that all patients accompany wear cloth masks when when they enter and exit our office

All of our staff does, of course, wear masks as well — at all times during your visit, including in the exam rooms with you.


Prenatal Breastfeeding Class are Now Virtual!

Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes will now be held online via Zoom for the duration of the pandemic.

Just sign up as you normally would on our web site through Eventbrite, and you’ll receive a confirmation email. The day before your class, you’ll receive an email with the Zoom meeting link.

We can’t wait to meet you online!


Extra Patient Protections in Place

We’re asking ALL patients to check in from your cars, and to not sit in the waiting room, to maintain the best possible physical distance between everyone. Families arriving by public transportation will, of course, be allowed to wait in our waiting rooms, with appropriate social distancing in place.


Masks in Our Offices

Following updated CDC guidelines that recommend health care personnel wear masks when seeing all sick patients, our Providers and Lactation Consultants will now be wearing masks in the office for all visits, regardless of the symptoms for which they’re being seen.

This is just one more step we’re taking, following the guidance of national experts, to do our best to keep everyone in our office — patients, families, and our Team Members safe and healthy.


Another Safety Measure: Temperature Checks

To keep our everyone safe and healthy, we’re also monitoring temperatures for ALL of our team members as they arrive at the office, and then a second time throughout their shift.

Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will be sent home for follow-up and evaluation. Just one more extra precautionary measure we’re taking to ensure that our offices are as safe and healthy as possible.