We’re proud of what Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh parents saying about us online and in email testimonials. Here are just a few examples…

The Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh saved my nursing relationship with my first daughter. I was shown different techniques, and given alternative methods to help perfect our latch and to continue breastfeeding. I had two consultations with my second daughter, and was given enough time for a completely comprehensive consultation, that I left with renewed vigor and fortitude. I recommend to anyone who needs even a little help breastfeeding, because they get you on the right path for your breastfeeding journey.


So thankful for all the IBCLCs at the Breastfeeding Center! Had several visits, & they were so thorough, kind, patient, and wonderful! Could not have done this without them. So far 6 months & going strong w my first daughter!


After seeing LCs at hospital & pediatricians office I was still struggling with breastfeeding. The LC at the Breastfeeding Center quickly realized our problem and helped changed the way we feed. My baby & I are doing great and so much happier!


Martha Peelor at the Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh really heard me and helped me come to terms with low supply and look at all of my options. She helped me work through the challenges and my disappointment with having to supplement. My daughter nursed until 12 months even with a low supply (it never increased) but I feel so good about my choices now.


Thank you all for being a part of my daughter’s life. You have helped make the parenting journey a wonderful, supportive experience for her and all her family!


Dr. Hartung saw me when I was there with my new baby and she was awesome!! I feel so lucky to have this great resource in Pittsburgh.


My daughter is 2.5, and Martha helped us through those very hard first few weeks when I was determined to breastfeed my daughter but having so many issues. She was so patient and worked so hard to help us overcome our obstacles. Her help made such a difference in our lives at that time. I went on to exclusively breastfeed Maddy for 9 months thanks to the support from Martha and the rest of the staff at Kids Plus. My husband and I still sing Martha’s praises today, and we even put a little picture of her in our daughter’s scrapbook.