What We Do

Pain with breastfeeding? Concerns about milk supply? Breastfeeding multiples? Just some reassurance that “you got this”?

At the Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh, we’re skilled and equipped to address all your breastfeeding needs.

Visits & Consults

visits-consultsExpect to spend about an hour (or more) with your Lactation Consultant, who will answer your questions and address all your concerns. She will observe you and your baby at the breast, and make recommendations appropriate to your situation. The consultation will be completed with a visit from one of our medical providers, which will provide that all-important wrap-around care that’s often overlooked in other support settings.

We also offer Virtual Visits for families who are unable to travel for an in-office consultation.

Coordinated Care

coordinated-careAs needed, our providers will consult with your baby’s pediatrician to ensure thorough care and management. An encounter note documenting your visit in detail is sent to your OB/midwife and your baby’s pediatrician. This note includes an assessment of the visit, along with a detailed plan of care for you and your baby.

Your Lactation Consultant will follow-up by phone within a few days to a week, to check in, see how you and baby are doing, and provide any other help and support you need.


educationKnowledge is power – and pre-natal education classes have been shown to empower parents during this amazing journey.

A good foundation in how breastfeeding works has been proven to help normalize breastfeeding. It can also help to alleviate some of the fear and anxiety that may be associated with breastfeeding!

Enroll in of our Prenatal Breastfeeding classes about 4-6 weeks prior to your due date. Currently, all classes are held via Zoom. Questions about learning how to navigate your return to work (even if from home) and continuing to breastfeed? Check out our podcast https://kidsplus.libsyn.com/working-breastfeeding-w-wendy-eson-beth-ricciuti This lively and informative podcast will help working parents to prepare for returning to work, giving you valuable tips on maintaining milk supply, pumping management, and ways to balance work/life and parenthood.


Whatever your breastfeeding goals, we’re here for you. We’re here to talk, to listen, to help, to teach. We’ll give you the help you need to get started, and the support you need to succeed.


suppliesWe’re often asked if we sell breastfeeding supplies. While our main focus is providing quality breastfeeding management, we do stock a variety of pump parts and pieces and specialized breastfeeding equipment.

If you need something, just ask us.